For Leslie, it's the spirit of discovery and adventure...

With a sharp crack, the starter pistol fires. The crowd roars with an opening cheer as Leslie Haverland and her best friend, Kim, move forward with the wave of other runners in the MadCity Marathon. Leslie is exhilarated; she’s trained for this for months and now, at last, the day is here. It’s her very first half-marathon and she is determined to complete it. The run is smooth at first, and Leslie is enjoying the experience, but when the 12th of 13 miles approaches, her enthusiasm is flagging. “Just think of getting out of your car,” Kim tells her. “It’s raining and you don’t want to get your hair wet, so you run like crazy to get inside.”

That simple and good-natured encouragement helped Leslie cross the finish line, where she was swamped with hugs and cheers from her family and friends. But it wasn’t actually crossing the finish line that gave this talented professional the greatest satisfaction. It was every step that lead up to that moment. The journey Leslie took brought her to the point where she took the words “I can’t” out of her vocabulary for good. Since that life-changing event, Leslie has traveled all over the world, jumped out of an airplane, climbed down into a Hawaiian volcano, polar-plunged into freezing cold water and bought her first Harley Davidson. “Life is a great adventure,” she explains, “and I’m always looking for the opportunity to learn new things.”

Leslie has had this enthusiastic approach to learning for as long as she can remember. Born and raised on the east side of Madison, she and her two older brothers represent the third of four generations of Blums in the area. Leslie was the only girl in a neighborhood of nine boys and both her parents worked full-time—her father as a coach/gym teacher and real estate broker/developer, her mother as a registered nurse. So she developed an independent spirit at a very young age, concocting her own games and adventures to entertain herself. She was especially close to her loving grandfather, the late Murph Blum, a member of the City of Madison’s Parks Commission who was well-respected throughout the community. “He gave me the encouragement to believe in myself and not shy away from trying different things,” she remembers.

Drawing on her Mother's experiences as a nurse, Leslie spent several years in the medical field, first as a radiographer and then as an MRI technician. Over the years, she also witnessed her Father's exceptional success in real estate. "I saw how exciting it was" she says today. "Every day was different. I loved that so much of the time was spent discovering options and making them work." With her natural curiosity and open, inquiring mind, real estate proved a perfect fit for Leslie - and she considers it one of the greatest adventures she enjoys in life.

As a lifelong resident of Madison, Leslie offers buyers and sellers alike the benefit of years of knowledge of the local real estate market and a wealth of referrals and resources for repairs and upgrades. But it’s her inventive approach to real estate that really sets her apart.
Leslie is always in search of opportunities for her clients, and she makes the most of the latest in telecommunications and computer technology to do so. Like providing each listing with its own website that not only offers detailed information and a virtual tour of each property, but also features free listing updates, a tour of the neighborhood, information on local schools and even the opportunity to schedule a viewing on-line.
Always anticipating her clients’ needs, Leslie is constantly looking for creative ways to make the real estate process as smooth as possible for them, and she’s fully committed to ongoing education and seminars to keep her on the cutting edge. But it’s Leslie’s spirited approach that people appreciate the most.
For Leslie, real estate is both a great opportunity and a great adventure, a chance to explore and discover numerous possibilities for your valuable investment. This approach makes the real estate experience memorable for everyone who works with her. If you’re considering the sale or purchase of a home in the Dane County area, Discover the Spirited Difference—let Leslie Haverland be your guide to success. Call her for a complimentary consultation